Dearest Evangeline…

Dearest Evangeline, Happy Three Months!

At the end of each day, you’re another day stronger, smarter, and sweeter. It is truly amazing to think of all of the new information you are adding to your paradigm with each new environment, and with each interaction. You are learning to hold your head up high, and you smile when we talk to […]

Dearest Evangeline, Happy Two Months!

My little one, how you’ve grown! You’re out of all of your newborn clothes and diapers. If only you’d stay little til your Carters wore out. I thought I’d have more time before the weepy nostalgia that so many mothers get set in, but here we are. The edges of my memories of your first […]

Dearest Evangeline, Happy One Month!

Dearest Evangeline, It feels as though we just met you, our little queen, but here you are- a month older, stronger, and all the more precious to our hearts. We’ve made it through a month of snuggles, sleepless nights, and stroller rides. Here we are at the other side, somehow, filled with even more love […]

Introducing Evangeline Parris!

Our little Evangeline was born on 02/22/20, which in addition to being remarkably palindromic, was her due date. She measured in at 20 inches long, 7 pounds and 5 ounces. According to BabyCenter, the average weight and length of a baby delivered at forty weeks is 7 pounds and 6 ounces and 20 inches respectively. […]

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